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Some days I find social interaction easier than others. Sometimes I just force myself to talk to people.

Outgoing NT's can just walk up to people they don't know and strike up a conversation. How do they do that?! It's incredible.

Yesterday at Uni I was sharing a lift with 3 people who were going to the same seminar as me. I've never spoken to them before, I've seen them around every so often for the past 2 years though! So I could have taken that lift ride in silence. But no! They were discussing the upcoming seminar. I could contribute to this discussion! So I leapt in (with a self-deprecating remark). Well, the girl looked at me in surprise. One of the guys looked at me as though listening, and the other guy actually talked to me. So, yes!

Some days, it isn't so scary ^_^

I told Greg (my boyfriend) about this in the evening. He asked if it had made me happy and I said yes, so he hugged me and told me he was proud of me ^_^
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